Our history

The Canberra Labor Club opened in 1979 with a membership of 1500. Over the years the club has grown to become an invaluable asset to the community. It actively supports sporting teams and community organisations making it an integral part of the Canberra community, with a membership of 60,000 and staffing of 160. This community focused Club is well regarded in Canberra as the community’s First Choice. Since opening, the Canberra Labor Club has established a very strong financial position and had the ability to expand.

The Canberra Labor Club Group owns and operates four licensed Clubs throughout the ACT. Expansion has included the purchase of the City Labor Club (formerly the Canberra Workers Club) in 1995 now located in Petrie Plaza 2006, the purchase of the Canberra Labor Club Community Chambers (formerly Norths Rugby) in 1997, the purchase of the Ginninderra Labor Club (formerly the Charnwood Tavern) in 1997, and the purchase of the Weston Creek Labor Club (formerly the Weston Creek Football Club) in 2001.

The Canberra Labor Club Group also owns several commercial properties throughout the ACT. One membership fee covers all 4 venues.

Annual Report

Below is a list of Labor Club’s annual reports.

2019 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report
2021 Annual Report
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